This past week threw me for a loop when John got frighteningly sick and had to fly back to California to see his doctor. I know for fact that he will be just fine and is in the wonderful care of his family, but I miss him just the same. In the meantime, I’ve been turning to my one of my favorite sources of joy…Instagram (as you can see above). I know, shut up about it already, right? Haha! I agree! If only I could pry my eyes away from it… (wink)

I should also probably clarify that this past week wasn’t all for naught though. There were several highlights including:

-a few pieces of very exciting scrap-related news

-finding my bridesmaid dress for John’s sister’s upcoming wedding (I thought for sure I would be the last one to find a dress!)

-finishing up another week of Project Life (still obsessed)

-being able to superglue together an Anthro bowl that broke while en route to me last week

-the instant happiness that can only be experienced at IKEA (ha!)

-several bowls of oatmeal + chocolate chips + berries

-my new aqua tablecloth that I found at the DI for three bucks

-pinning lots of fun wedding ideas (uh oh…i think I’ve been bitten by the wedding bug!)

-watching brothers + sisters on netflix, which is only intensifying my dream of living in Pasadena

-possible snow in the forecast for the coming week? please please please? (;

4 Responses to “oh, what a week.”

  1. Ellie Abney

    I love brothers and sisters and I live in Pasadena so I’m frequently scoping out the spots where it and mad men are filmed! So fun.

  2. Star

    Appreciate the post…as usual. Getting John into the doctors today. Jamie spent time interrogating the “ask a nurse” on Sunday to verify we could wait till today to see the primary physician.

    You are second to find a dress (Jamie being the first with bridal gown)! Like the style very much and anticipating the assessorization; which by the way, should be a word in the English language, “compulsion to accessorize”.

    PASADENA! I like the sounds of that. Maybe versus everyone living south on the 405/5, some of my children could branch out on the north side of L.A.?

    Lots of love….we’ll keep you in the loop.


    • annmarielovespaper

      Thank you, Star! Love the updates. And yes, Pasadena is where I have my heart set. I was looking on Craigslist the other day and found the CUTEST bungalow for rent. It would just be big enough to accomodate me and my craft supplies…oh, and John too 😉 Being close to family is high on our priority list these days! xoxo


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