Three weeks down already? Crazy! This week I did a little shopping at Staples (had to check out the Martha hype for myself) and found some cool new things to include in my PL. That definitely motivated me to incorporate more pages and memorabilia than I have before.

This little page protector is made by Martha and I thought it was the perfect size for including the smaller pieces of ephemera (my favorite part about this whole shebang!). I had to punch an extra hole to get it to fit in my album, but that’s nothing a Crop-a-Dile can’t fix (;

This 8×8 is made by AC and I used it to include a to-do list and two happy pieces of e-mail this week. I want to make a point of including all different kinds of communication in my PL on a regular basis. (p.s. is it annoying that I have already abbreviated it down to PL? haha!)

I just have to mention two people whose takes on PL are INSANELY inspiring to me at the moment (and always, for that matter): Jamaica and Liz. I mean, come on! Ridiculous! (;


And in another installment of “I-Can’t-Believe-This-Is-My-Life,” have you guys seen Liz’s new line? It is my most favorite Dear Lizzy line to date and I am beyond flattered that she asked me to be in her video. Collin did an amazing job putting it all together!

17 Responses to “project life: week three + neapolitan”

  1. Cherie

    Yay! I love the video! So awesome Ann-Marie! Your project life looks great too. I can’t wait to play with that new line…it’s yummy!

  2. Michelle Wooderson

    Hi Anne-Marie, I’m giving you a shout out on my blog today. Hope you don’t mind a little linking love. Love your Project Life pages, so inspiring and full of eye candy!

  3. jamaica

    I LOVE all the color, Ann-Marie. It’s SO fantastic. And if that’s what I think it is, ignore the fact that I typo’d my own name. : )

    The Martha page protectors look like they’ll fit right into my smaller book. What are the “flaps” all about, did you cut them off?

    Two more questionss, are you putting the badges/bulky embellishments on top of the page protectors? And what is that yellow paper with the white letters?

    • annmarielovespaper

      Thanks so much, Jamaica! In answer to your questions…I don’t know what the flaps are all about or if I am digging them in the least. I kept them on strictly out of laziness. The bulky embellishments are going on top of the protectors. I just use a little extra adhesive (like a Glue Dot) to secure those bad boys on there. And finally, the yellow paper is from Crate Paper’s upcoming release Story Teller. It is FANTASTIC. 🙂

      • jamaica

        I am definitely going to need that paper. I’m writing a post-it now so I don’t forget…

      • jamaica

        I did! Makes me want to print some out and start using them. (I didn’t even use them at Christmas, gah).

  4. Megan - Best of Fates

    Your pages are gorgeous! I love the bright colors and all the memorabilia and just everything! And all the cool kids are abbreviating it to PL. At least all the cool kids who find it exhausting to constantly type those extra nine letters!

  5. Lily

    What does the book itself look like? I noticed it had rings, what kind of book did you use or did you make that as well?


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