This year, I’m making a concerted effort to spend more time in my dining room. Not only does it get the best lighting in the whole apartment, but it’s in close proximity to the coffee maker. And that’s important.

I love sitting here with my laptop on Saturday mornings after I get back from the gym and I have nothing but free time lined up for the rest of the day. The colors in the thrifted tablecloth and the cluster of bowls make me so happy.

I really really love this apartment. It will be a sad day when I leave, but then again, there’s always the fun of starting fresh in a brand new space. Sometimes I find myself mentally redecorating my old San Diego apartment, so maybe you never really leave your former residences behind? Either way, I love it here.

Now if only I could uproot it and place it in front of the ocean…

2 Responses to “dining room.”

  1. Star

    Yes, the ocean in the front (why not wish for a turquoise tropical ocean while you are at it) and then some beautiful snow capped mountains in the backyard. Throw in some apricot and ruby sunsets (ocean side) and sunrises peaking gold and silver under white and lilac clouds in the back. Life could be so much fun if all our wishes came true.

    xox Star


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