Last week looked something like this:

For some reason, when I photograph pictures of myself, I always come off looking hilariously (and horrifyingly) red. Excuse the sunburned effect.

I broke out my little alpha stamps! You know, the ones you can get in the dollar bin at Michaels. I forgot how much fun they are!

I apologize for the blurry photo, but I have to point out how much I love black + white images. It definitely helps calm down the color explosion that I usually have going on. Oh, and that date up there was created by the new Dear Lizzy rolling stamp! Trust me, you guys NEED it.

Camera stamp from Urbanic and pennant tag from Elle’s Studio.

New Studio Calico wood veneers!

I love these brads from Crate Paper. Just cut off the prongs and you’re left with what is essentially a fabric button.

Things that I’m loving: typing on vellum and stapling atop a few strips of washi tape. Cutting memorabilia down to small sizes (i.e. the Zupas brown bag). Placing embellishments on top of the page protectors. Digging through my stash and using things that I had forgotten about. Painting over patterned paper to create white space for journaling.

I’m definitely trying to keep my pages looking as “non-scrapbook-y” as possible. I feel like that’s the general direction my style is leaning towards these days. Of course, there’s always going to be patterned paper + the random assortment of embellishments, but for the most part, I want it to have more of an “office supply” feel than that of a typical scrapbook. I don’t know if that makes any sense? Ha!

For this week, I’m hoping to have lots of fun memorabilia since I’m flying home for the weekend. Must remember to bring the Instax camera… (:

7 Responses to “project life: week four”

  1. Allison Waken

    Love love love it! I totally know what you mean, I want more staples, tape, tags in mine and less scrapbooky (not that I had a ton to begin with) Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. jamaica

    “I’m definitely trying to keep my pages looking as “non-scrapbook-y” as possible. I feel like that’s the general direction my style is leaning towards these days.” Amen to that. And yes, it makes perfect sense!

    Is it wrong that I want to rush right out and buy some aqua washi tape now? It’s not one of my colors but I think you’re winning me over!


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