This past week has been extra fun because I’ve had the pleasure (and honor!) of designing John’s sister Jamie’s Save the Dates for her upcoming nuptials. I love all things wedding/design/crafting-related (duh), so putting these together has been an absolute blast.

Tonight I’m leaving on a jet plane bound for California so I can reunite with my long lost love: Paper Source. Wait, I mean John! Yes, John (;

Tomorrow Jamie + I are going to get craf-tay! You know I’m always down with that. But I have to say, all this wedding planning stuff is FUN. I’m thinking I might want to partake sooner than I thought…? (and don’t tell anyone, but I already bought 150 striped paper straws for my as-yet-to-be-determined wedding – ha!).

Wishing you the happiest of weekends!

9 Responses to “design is fun.”

  1. JayEssJay

    I used to keep a file on my computer called “For Later,” where I stashed (ok… hid!) all of my wedding inspiration images before I was married. Now I have one called “For Way Later” where I keep all of the great ideas that I run across for babies and kids.

  2. Katie L. Cavanaugh (Mrs. C.)

    Haha I love the paper straws! Have you checked out before? They have great products. Have fun on the girls creative day! We have been having a lot of these in my studio lately…enjoy!


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