Lately I feel like I have nothing “blog-worthy” to share with you guys, but I am working on it! Today I will show you a few things that have been making me happy lately, via Instagram photos.

1. Happy mail from Jamaica’s shop. The packaging was even better in person! Now I can’t wait to use these in my Project Life.

2. On Sunday, I decided to repaint the canvas hanging in my master bathroom. It was made from layers of book paper, mod podge, white + neon pink paint, and an episode of “Secrets from a Stylist.” Sometimes it just feels good to paint. A new change of scenery in the bathroom is simply icing on the cake.

3. Valentine’s Day Cookie Exchange Party at work. We take treats very seriously around here.

4. Project Life. I’m thinking of combining the last two weeks into a single spread just to consolidate everything. Haven’t decided yet.

5. A very clean apartment = a very happy Ann-Marie.

6. Cookies + a letterpress card from a super awesome girl.