A // The happiest mail day EVER yesterday. An Etsy order, a stamp order, a new book, and the most amazing card from Sarah.

B // Home for lunch.

C // Wrapped John’s belated V-Day gift in kraft paper and the yellow netting from a bag of lemons.

D // Napping on a Friday. Can’t think of a better way to kick off the weekend!

E // Lately this place has been so beautiful. This photo was taken in the parking lot when I got to work. Not a bad view, eh?

F // Zumba! I’m a Zumba-aholic! AND I found the best workout pants at Target the other day. I’m always on the hunt for workout pants that are long enough to actually look good and be functional, without turning into high waters or dragging on the ground and tripping me up. Might need to go stock up…


But as for now, I’m on my way to pick up my long-lost love from the airport! Eeeeeeee! Happy Saturday!

7 Responses to “life via instagram.”

  1. AbbyS

    Love your instagram photos!!
    Cheers to a Happy Saturday, indeed! 🙂

    PS/I was checking out your etsy address stamps: my favorite movie is “you’ve got mail”!!

  2. Liz Kartchner

    hey girlee! wanted to say hi and wondering if you could contribute to something… but alas I only have your work email… will you email me… elizabeth.kartchner@gmail



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