In an unexpected turn of events, I was laid off from my job at American Crafts. They decided to cut my department, so my good friend and former co-worker Lindsey is out of a job too. Big fat bummer.

As much as I didn’t see this coming and I didn’t want it to end on that note, I am now feeling so much better. First of all, I get to move back to California! Wahoooo!!! When I first moved here to take on this job, I knew in the back of my mind that I would always return, I just didn’t know how I would ever work up the nerve to leave an amazing job like it once was. But things change and with every trip home, my desire to move back grew more and more intense. Now I wake up and am overcome with excitement about all the things I will be able to go/do/see in a matter of weeks. The beach! Family! Friends! Disneyland! Stores open on Sundays! Trader Joe’s! Paper Source! Ahhh, I’m getting excited just typing that (:

And another fantastic thing: In two weeks I will be in NYC with Sarah, Lindsey, Amy, and Kelly. Whoa. I can’t even believe I get to hang out with these awesome girls, much less in New York! 

The only downside? Moving. Holy moly, is moving the biggest you-know-what on the planet or is it just me? I will be SO sad to leave this amazing apartment (seriously, I’m in love with it), but so be it. In the process of packing up, I’ve decided to get rid of as much crafting surplus as possible. Any local Utahns, I have a few ads on KSL right now here, here, and here (and even if you’re not local and interested in any of it, I’m sure we can work something out).

Out with the old, in with the new!


54 Responses to “as the world turns.”

  1. Allison Waken

    Sorry you lost your job but I love your outlook. And stores not open on Sundays? I don’t know what I’d do! 😉

    Wishing you all the best!!

  2. jlsimmons

    I’m glad to hear you’re getting back home. Good luck with packing and enjoy your last bit of time in Utah. We’ll miss you!

  3. Sara B

    As a longtime reader, I’m sorry to hear you lost your job, but I’m excited to read all those “based-in-California” blog posts.

    As a former Californian, now living in Washington, I’m just jealous that I’m not making that some move! I miss California so much!

    Best of luck in all your endeavors!!

    • annmarielovespaper

      Thank you , Sara! Yeah for Californians! Although I would definitely love to live in Washington, so you’re not so bad off yourself 🙂

  4. Kellie

    Wow what a life changing event, I am so sorry to hear about you losing your job, but your outlook is absolutely amazing!

  5. jamaica

    Chin up, young person. Sounds like you have a good perspective on things. The rest will work itself out and like Amy, I’ll be glad you’ll be in CA too. You’ll be pinning in my timezone and, it *would* make it a lot easier to schedule a meet-up some day. : )

    And then, there’s New York. Enjoy it!

  6. JayEssJay

    What a bummer! Almost exactly a year ago I got similar news. Things haven’t worked out exactly as I had hoped since then, but some pretty amazing things have come my way as well. I’m super grateful for the blessings in disguise!

    • annmarielovespaper

      I hope things start to turn around for you! Job losses are tough, but I agree, they can bring about blessings in disguise. Best of luck! 🙂

  7. karin

    Sorry for the news but happy you get to move back to where you really love to be. Best of luck to your new adventures and finding a new job you also love!


    Sorry to hear that. No more only in Utah posts. At least you get to come back to Cali. Cali Cali. Sorry flashback to the 80s

  9. AbbyS

    You definitely have a good outlook…every thing happens for a reason, right? Definitely the rest will work itself out. Welcome back to the Golden State! 🙂 Good luck during the moving process & have a BLAST in NYC!

  10. Cherie

    Oh bummer!!! At least you get to move back here. Maybe we can have CSS reunion crop! Have so much fun in NYC!

  11. kelly

    you are just bound for greater things – i have a feeling. can’t wait to see you soon. i want to have lots of geeky scrapbooking conversations, ok? 🙂

  12. Jamie

    I am so sorry, but you have such a positive outlook it’s awesome. cali is the best! (i am bias, I live here, hehe) so it sounds like it will be wonderful to come home. On another note, I looked at your listings, I am def interested in the first scrapbook package. i don’t have a LSS around me so that looks very exciting. If you are up for a paypal purchase and I will pay shipping, let me know, my email: jamierose5985 at gmail dot com.

    Adore your blog by the way, been loving your PL posts 🙂

  13. dellie

    Hi – Im really interested in the first bundle you have on KSL but I would need mailing to Florida. Do you still the scrapbook bundle for sale? How heavy is it?

    • annmarielovespaper

      Hi Dellie-

      I could fit as much as possible in a flat rate box, so $20 for supplies, $15 for shipping. Let me know if you’re still interested 🙂

  14. Dawn

    So sorry to hear your news but I have a feeling you will do something even more amazing when you are back where you belong!! I am from Canada and visited CA last February and fell in love with it! So jealous and happy for you!!!

  15. Lynley Johnson

    So sorry to hear about AC. You have SO much talent and are bound for great things!! Can’t wait to see what you do next!! Hope to see lots of cute pages and minis about NY and sunny California:)

  16. andi

    Ann-Marie! I’ll sure miss you! I’m so glad you’ll be able to move back to CA! That just gives us all a reason to come visit 🙂 I’m so glad I got to meet you!

      • Andi

        Um! Of course i’ll come visit! I’ll be sure to bring my shears 🙂

  17. Sammy G.

    I am jealous that you get to go back to CA but it does stink you lost your job. I want to move to CA so bad! Being on the East Coast isn’t so bad but I want California sun! Have fun in NY! It’s always a fun day trip for me since I don’t live too far from it!

  18. Emilee

    Ann-Maire I am sad for you, but I am also so happy for you to move back to home sweet home CA! It seems like you are finding the positive and looking forward to new adventure ahead of you! You continue to inspire me to work hard and create! I’m applying to the Art institute in Tampa for graphic design. I am still working on creating a blog of my own, but step by step right? 🙂 Keep us updated on all of your adventures getting back to CA! I would also be interested in the supply bundle you are offering, but I am in FL and would be willing to pay shipping. Email me and we can figure something out if it works for you 🙂

  19. Mary Ann Jenkins

    I’m so sorry about your job. 😦 Everytime I read your blog, I would always think, man she has the best.job.ever working for a company like AC. Totally sucks. You have a great attitude though, and that says a lot about you as a person. You are so talented, I just know great things will be knocking at your door soon.
    I’m a Cali girl too, so I’m excited that we will be seeing more Cali layouts and mini’s in the future!

  20. Geralyn

    Oh Ann-Marie, I’m sorry about being laid off. You have such a positive attitude, I know you will be ok! I look forward to reading about your adventures back in CA 🙂


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