First of all, thank you all SO MUCH for your kind words in regards to my last post. Each and every one of them made my day, I can’t thank you enough (: (: (:

But now on to something far more frivolous (but far more exciting): NEW STAMPS! You all know that my stamp obsession is out of control. It’s reached the point of no return, hence the overflowing box on my desk. Here are a few new ones that I recently added to le shoppe:

And So It Goes

You + Me




And here’s another fun thing I recently added:

Hot Pink Cording! The neon craze is alive and well over here, in case you were wondering.


Have a wonderful weekend!


4 Responses to “the stamp obsession continues.”

  1. jamaica

    Oh man, you had me at “hot pink”… I’m going to have to get some of that too! Maybe just for the killer card with your stamp on it for my PL. : )

  2. Star

    Jamie and Kareem love their return address stamp. Save the Dates went out yesterday!


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