At this very moment I should be frantically packing up my apartment and attempting to figure out what in the WORLD I am going to bring to NYC in less than five hours, but you know what? Project Life happens.

Due to a crazy busy schedule (who knew unemployed life could be so hectic? And so awesome?), I decided to combine two weeks into a single spread. I kind of love doing that. There was plenty to talk about and I even included a mini layout! It worked out fab, to say the least.

Lots of Facebook this week. And I don’t even like Facebook! Ha!

Making these mini layouts is so much fun. I kind of want to make one every week!

I plan on dedicating the next spread to our NYC trip. I’m already dreaming about all the ephemera I will collect along the way…ahhhh! Happiness! The following week will be all about (what I’ve dramatically dubbed) the “Big Move Out West!” Not entirely sure what kind of cool paper goods that trip will offer as there’s a whole lot of nothingness between here and California! Maybe some desert tumbleweeds? That could look cool shoved in a page protector, right? To be determined… (;

And finally, I had lunch with my former AC co-workers today and every single one of them came! I can’t even tell you how much that meant to me. They are definitely the greatest part of my Utah experience and I will miss them dearly!



8 Responses to “project life: weeks 9 through 10.5”

  1. jen

    first of all … got your stamp yesterday and LOVE it. gotta admit, just a little excited to add the envelope (with your fab handwriting) to my PL. love your positive outlook … have fun in NYC

  2. Nirupama

    your pages and mini lo’s are so lovely. Have a blast in NYC!! Best of luck with everything 🙂
    Now I suddenly have the urge to buy MORE washi tape and check out forever 21 …

    • annmarielovespaper

      Hi Kristine! I mainly use Becky Higgins’ Project LIfe brand page protectors, but occasionally I include inserts from American Crafts as well.


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