Have I mentioned that I love being home? Because I do.

In the week I’ve been here I’ve: hiked the local hills, had my morning coffee outside, took a trip to Disneyland, sat in traffic on the 405, enjoyed a vanilla latte from Coffee Bean, reunited with family and friends, slept in, shopped at my favorite mall, had long talks with my parents, worked from home, attempted to unpack all my stuff, listened to my favorite LA radio stations, snuggled with all the pups in my life, and reveled daily in the fact that I’m back in California.

Still on the to-do list: beach, Trader Joe’s, Urbanic, Paper Source, Pasadena, more time with loved ones, a trip up the coast to San Luis Obispo, a trip down the coast to San Diego, Rosebowl Flea Market, Pizookie at BJ’s, be a tourist, and catch up on Project Life for goodness’ sake! (;

I spent this whole morning going through photos and memorabilia from my NYC trip and am overwhelmed at the amount of STUFF I want to include in my Project Life. I really want to whip it out while the memories are fresh and I’m still excited about it, but where in the world do I start???

To be continued…

12 Responses to “thoughts.”

  1. bluebuttonpress

    I just moved to WA from CA last year and just went home for the weekend. Isn’t the light better there? Don’t the birds sing more beautifully? I know the sun is warmer there. So happy for you, but really you haven’t been to Paper Source yet?

  2. Beverly

    I live in the mountains of western NC and sometimes dream about going to Paper Source!


  3. Allison Waken

    Haha! Whenever we head back to AZ from CA (where my husband grew up) he’s always sad to leave the radio stations. TJ’s and BJ’s are must stops. I need to go to Urbanic next time I’m in town!

  4. craftyveggirl

    Cool! I wanna move to CA someday too….it just seems so bright & happy & fresh & healthy! I mean, I know it prolly has its bad parts too, but I love its good parts! 🙂

  5. rose

    hehe, i know just how you feel about tackling your travel goodies; i can’t say i’ve managed to find a good solution but sometimes sorting each piece into the day you picked it up is an easy start point. good luck!

  6. Samantha Welch

    Welcome back to sunny Southern CA!! We’re practically neighbors 🙂 I love the photo of your desk – we have the same Brother typewriter (I use mine all the time, btw)! I have enjoyed looking over your PL pages as I am also in the midst of my first year doing PL, and I have to say that I’m really enjoying the process. I can completely understand being overwhelmed by pictures and ephemera. I like to lay everything on my desk first and then think on it for a day or two. Usually an idea will pop into my head while I’m doing something mundane, and then off to work I go! Good luck, and remember to have fun!


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