New York.

It was – in a word – AMAZING. I am in awe of how that city runs. Everything about it is just so fascinating: the people, the buildings, the diverse cultures, the food (OMG, the food), the super-efficient modes of public transit, the contrast between urban and natural landscapes, the lights, the shopping, the fast pace (I wish people everywhere would walk as fast as New Yorkers!), and of course, all the pop culture! (Many thanks to Sarah, Kelly, and Chloe for playing tour guides!).

And 5000 spreads later, I am done. It’s events like these that make me love the Project Life style of scrapbooking even more than I already do. Initially I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff that I wanted to include, but with several different sized page protectors (and many episodes of Brothers & Sisters), it all came together seamlessly. The page protectors are a mix of the Project Life brand, American Crafts, an 8.5 x 11″ Avery protector, and 3 baseball card holders that John found for me. Sort of a ragtag bunch, but I like how the sizes vary from page to page.

Spread #1. I used three different baseball card page protectors throughout the whole thing (as seen on the righthand side) to hold all the receipts, ticket stubs, brochures, menus, business cards, etc. that I wanted to showcase. To keep things looking somewhat uniform, I adhered all my memorabilia to the same dotted tan paper (made by AC).

Spread #2. To include larger memorabilia that I didn’t want to cut up, I folded an 8 x 11″ Avery page protector and sealed with scotch tape. The lazy man’s alternative to sewing (;

Spread #3.

Spread #4.

Spread #5. So this layout was made with a Zara bag that had the phrase “Dear New York” on it. Obviously it was designed for scrapbooking purposes! Photobooth pics are from the Ace Hotel and even though the ink is smudged and I am mid-sentence in my photo, I love them! Love, love, love. And…we saw Joel McHale up close and personal. Not. Too. Shabby (;

Spread #6. I backed the layout with some Studio Calico paper. Originally I thought about putting something on it, but with all the stuff I’ve got going on with these spreads, a little white space is much appreciated. The letterpressed March card is made by Sugarcube Press and was purchased at Kate’s Paperie for a steal of a deal.

Spread #7. Lots of Martha Stewart labels and typewritten journaling.

Spread #8. I saved every little bit of anything that remotely resembled paper. And I mean anything! This included the wrapper from my mushroom burger at Shake Shack (even vegetarians can eat there! Yeah!) and my coffee cup from Blue Bottle. I take this paper obsession to new levels (;

Spread #9. You guys, I saw the Seinfeld restaurant! We also went on a mini You’ve Got Mail tour, which made me happier than it probably should have – ha! Sarah and Kelly were such a good sports to show me all these pop culture landmarks (:

Spread #10. Last page! Whew! I can’t even believe how long it took me to wrap it up, but I am so glad I did it! What an amazing trip to have documented forever.

The highlights of this trip included: Sitting at Molly’s Cupcakes with everyone and sharing awesome girl talk; the views from the Top of the Rock; shopping in SoHo; eating the best food of my life…!; laughing hysterically with Sarah over a rubber stamp at Ink Spot that said “Enough with Sick Already!” It became the catch-phrase of the trip; getting thisclose to a handful of celebrities; hanging out in Kelly’s apartment with Sarah, Lindsey, Amy, Chloe and Cindy and having deep scrapbooking conversations; Shake Shack for dinner in Madison Square Park with the Empire State Building lit up for St. Patrick’s Day in the background (very Sleepless in Seattle); walking everywhere; grabbing business cards for each other everywhere we went ( I love traveling with scrapbookers!); cookies from Levain Bakery; seeing the SNL and Jimmy Fallon stages on the NBC tour; Williamsburg in Brooklyn; Stumptown and Blue Bottle lattes; and sitting next to some bawdy Bostonians on the plane ride home who had me laughing for five hours.

The end.

23 Responses to “project life: week 11 (nyc, baby!)”

  1. nirupama

    OK, cute pages and all but a) great hat! b) sh room burgers are the best part of shake shack c) next time you have to try the Seinfeld diner pie. So good, even better after midnight.

  2. Debra

    Fab pages. I love what you did with the business cards in those inserts. Nice one. Your trip sounds so fun. Good for you girls!


    Looks like you started this phase with a bang. NYC looks great.

  4. christina rayevich

    AMAZING!!! looks like you had a blast. Did you take your big camera with you when you went???
    We are going to be doing some major traveling this year & I’m trying to decide if i should take my 5100 Or my other pointandshoot.

    • annmarielovespaper

      Thank you! I brought my little point and shoot, but majority of my photos were from my iPhone. It was just so much handier to whip out my phone anytime I wanted a photo, plus it allowed me to instantly share them with family and friends! (:

  5. jamaica

    I looked at this post late last night in bed and it made me 1) immediately check tickets prices and 2) want to get up and go make something. So fantastic.

    I love your mix of page sizes, it’s all nice and tidy in there. But the tan paper behind all your stubs is what really stands out for me. Brilliant. That paired with the sepia-toned photos, twice as good.

    I’m nominating you to scrap my next vacation. : )

    • annmarielovespaper

      Thank you!!! I would love to scrap your next vacation, but where would I get my inspiration if I don’t have to your projects to be inspired by? (:

  6. Dawn

    Ann Marie this is amazing!! You have inspired me to get all my Hawaii pics (finally) into my Project Life album! Before, I thought I’d only put in a few but after seeing this..I’m adding ALL the highlights! Thank you SO much! Awesome job 🙂

  7. Geralyn

    You = awesome. Love what you did for your New York trip and how you got it all documented in PL! Fantastic, seriously.

  8. Sammy G.

    i love it! theres so much here to love. i live only an hour away from NYC and it def is a great day trip, there is always something new to see, glad the east coast treated you well!

  9. jodimckee20

    absolutely love your NYC pages! so, so good. and i love that you guys saw joel mchale!

    i think i need to go buy something at zara, just to get one of those bags now. 😉

  10. amy tangerine

    dang this is amazing. what a trip!
    ps – i had no idea you snapped that photo while i was getting crafty at the coffee table! sneaky girl.

  11. Crickit

    You are so very creative! I love all of your photo’s and scrappy ideas! So glad that you are back in Cali! Hope to run into you one day soon! 🙂

  12. Melanie

    I was in NYC just a few days after you. It is truly an incredibly vibrant city, and I’m already longing for the day i can return -I havent stopped thinking about it since! LOVE your NYC spread, and will definitely save it for reference when I sit down and do my mini. 🙂

  13. summer social. «

    […] never would have taken a trip to NYC with Sarah and Lindsey and sat in Kelly’s apartment discussing scrapbooking. I never would […]

  14. Elaine

    I’ve just discovered Project Life and found your page via Pinterest. Love it! How do you journal using the typewriting font on the graph paper cards, etc.? They’re tiny so I can’t imagine putting them through a regular printer. I’d LOVE any help! Thanks!

    • annmarielovespaper

      Hi Elaine! I use an actual typewriter to type my journaling. I can stick pretty much any size paper through it and it works like a charm! 🙂


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