Here’s what I’ve been up to lately, thanks to the greatest invention of all time (aside from air conditioning, of course), Instagram!

1. Spent an afternoon in Ventura laying in the sand (in my jeans…lord help me and beach fashion choices) and soaking up the sunshine!

2. Packing lots of orders (thank you to everyone!) and watching lots and lots of Brothers and Sisters.

3. Getting organized and set up in my new (okay, actually old) space.

4. Watched the most amazing sunset over La Jolla last week. Thoroughly enjoyed being in San Diego. Miss it terribly. The rainy weather reminded me of being in college and everyone skipping class because of a little drizzle. We Southern Californians are not the most…waterproof.

5. Trader Joe’s, Trader Joe’s, and more Trader Joe’s. Making up for lost time.

6. Project Life-ing! And who cares if I’m a whole month behind sched? (Not me). Hoping to wrap up moving week tomorrow!

2 Responses to “lately.”

  1. lisa truesdell

    so love your PL – can’t wait to see your update!

    hey, could you email me?? i’ve got a little something to ask you and can’t find an email addy. =)


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