One of the best parts about this year’s turn of events has been the opportunity to start anew.

Remember when I said I wanted to break out in 2012? It’s totally happening. Not only did I get to move back to California, but now I’m working with Amy. This awesome gig has afforded me the ability to work from home AND get out to LA a few times a week. I honestly can’t think of a more ideal situation for me at this point in my life. I absolutely needed that sort of flexibility after coming off of a traditional 8-5 work setting.

However, even in the most ideal situations, there are always learning curves. Right now I’m trying to iron out the time management aspect of working from home. There are some days when I feel super motivated to crank out assignments, build my Etsy shop, write up several blog posts, run a million errands, squeeze in a great workout, figure out what the heck I am doing with my life, etc. I LIVE for those days. But then there are the other days when I struggle. with. everything.  I’m definitely on the quest for finding better ways to balance those two extremes.

But as the saying “ask and you shall receive” goes, I have been stumbling upon lots of inspiring – and timely – blog posts, enjoying stimulating conversations with friends, and today I am watching the live stream of the FABB conference online while taking copious notes. I’ve also been trying to schedule out my workload and blog posting on Google calendar, which I’m finding to be satisfying on an organizational and technological level (even if I don’t always stick to the plan).  The combination of these things is really broadening my perspective on work/life balance and I couldn’t be more grateful for it.

How do you stay balanced and on task? Any tips and tricks you guys live by?


8 Responses to “learning curve.”

  1. bluebuttonpress

    I hear you. Working from home is not an easy adjustment. I find that if I set goals for myself at the beginning of every week or day, then I am much more motivated to get things done. So happy for your new opportunities, congratulations!

  2. elizabeth rosemond

    Yes, congratulations!! It’s really never-ending, isn’t it? When I was a single mom years ago, I worked full-time. It was depressing, as I missed a ton of my daughter’s events and I hated sitting in that cubicle. Fast forward six years. I’m married (with a husband who frequently travels), run a (very) small biz and a parent to 3 (ages 18, 4 and 20 months). Some days, I feel like I can do anything and everything. Other days? I’m lucky if I can shower 😉

  3. jayessjaybee

    You just described the situation I’ve been living for the past couple of months. It is both empowering and overwhelming to work from home. While I’m still mastering the learning curve, I’ve found that a to-do list is a must! I’ve tried more than one to-do list app, but often find that the low-tech pen and paper is the most effective for me (and, it’s the most fun to cross off the items I’ve done!). However, some days (it was today for me!) it’s super hard to find motivation when there are cookies to bake, groceries to buy, and blogs to read. Can’t wait to hear more about your new gig!

  4. Beverly

    I find that it helps to set small daily goals plus the rewards at the end of a committed time frame. It’s all about the boundaries, I think. This worked for my youngest and I use the same strategies when helping parents set evening limits with homework and chores – set expectations in small increments. Set the timer for 15 minutes and work on a chunk of math problem. When this is done set the timer for 15 minutes to go outside and play, etc. Then start again. There is nothing worse than looking at 100 math problems (!!!) in an evening and without a strategy that mountain seems huge!

  5. Clara Palacios

    Welcome back to Cali, First happy to hear you are working with Amy. Definitely a struggle be “on work mode” all the time. I am a procrastinator by birth so I unfortunately push the deadline until the very last minute. With that said can’t wait to hear how you adjust.

    Interesting weather we are having today, don’t you think?

  6. Lynley J

    I totally know what you mean! When I left my in-house scrapbooking/design position and started to go at it on my own I was a bit lost for a while… it’s strange not having someone dictate what projects you create and products to use! On the one hand the creative freedom is so nice, but on the other it can leave you a bit overwhelmed with all the possibilities… You are so talented and creative, you’ll do great at whatever comes your way! Good luck!!

    So fun that you get to work with Amy! Thanks again for her class giveaway, it was great!

  7. Mirta Sanchez

    I am STILL in my 9-5 drudgery and dreaming of the day when I can leave it all behind. I think the key to feeling and being creative is balance. The most successful people can be really productive and really still and meditative in a 24 hour period. BALANCE> I struggle with this concept!
    I think we are all probably doing a better job than we think!

  8. vee

    congrats, you will get the hang of it!! I love how life continually gives you chances to grow, change and to be confident with new adventures! GOOD LUCK! 🙂


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