This is how my desk looked when I woke up this morning. Lots of unfinished projects just waiting to be cleaned up.

It’s interesting because I think of myself as an organized person, but somehow my actions always seem to tell a different story. I’d say I’m currently in one the most unorganized states I’ve ever been in, with half my stuff in storage and the other half jammed into my closet/under my bed. Gross. Visual clutter = mental clutter. Need to fix that, stat.

The second half of 2012 will be all about organizing every facet of my life! Even if it kills me!

(are you listening, universe?)


6 Responses to “workspace wednesday/ i can’t find anything”

  1. Anna Harte

    Ha I totalllllly know what you mean about the thinking/actually being organized issue. Couldn’t even post a picture of my desk usually … Books, papers, electronics, coffee mugs *everywhere* !! Ack.

  2. Angee Carter

    Just found your blog a few weeks ago and I’m loving your work especially your workspace wednesday posts. I think I might join your Workplace Wednesday posts by posting on my blog. I will link you up tonight. Oh and I found that same typewriter a few months ago at my local goodwill. (Looks the same anyway)

  3. Tracy O

    I have dedicated 2012 to getting every facet of my life organized as well…so far I seem to be making more of a mess! Guess I should join you for the second half of the year. Love the workspace Wednesday…at least you can see yours…which is why I probably don’t create as much as I would like.


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