I really enjoy my little routines.

Each morning, I start my day with what I call a “breakfast brainstorming” session. (Alliteration in small doses never hurt anyone). This involves my standard breakfast (oatmeal with berries and coffee), one of my journals, my favorite pen, and occasionally my computer as well. Sometimes it takes place outside, other times it takes place inside. But one thing always remains the same: it gets my creative juices flowing.

The actual brainstorming topics can range from blog ideas to craft projects to long-term goals to what I want to do with my life…the whole gamut! If I’m feeling a little stuck, I turn to the computer where I’ll read my favorite blogs or browse Pinterest for awhile. The whole point of this practice is to start my day in a creative mindset and (hopefully) continue to generate new ideas throughout the day. I’ve been doing this for years and despite the hokey name, it really works! (:

What kind of rituals/routines do you enjoy?


4 Responses to “breakfast brainstorm.”

  1. Silvia

    I carry my Moleskine with me at all times and I get creative everywhere. When stuck or worried, I turn into knitting and empties up my head. I want to start bringing my camera with me at all times from so I can capture details that catch my eye in my daily life. I really enjoyed your post and I will be back soon. Happy writing!

  2. Star E.

    My favorite morning routine is: “Beat the Boys”, just kidding. I like to have my coffee, watch CNN with Taters on my lap, and relish the quiet. It works great!

  3. elizabeth rosemond

    I love this! I have 3 kids and their “stuff” tends to dictate my schedule. BUT, I really need to take some control back and make sure I get some noise-free brainstorming sessions in šŸ˜‰

  4. Nirupama

    That is a really cool idea. I used to have a routine, but now it is a little haywire as I tend to stay up suuuuper late to get anything done and just zombie-power through the mornings with the kids. Lol.


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