As soon as I woke up this morning, I opened the window, let the sunshine and fresh air in, and then got to Spring-cleaning my desk so I could have an organized space to work (ahem, photograph for the blog). This Workspace Wednesday series is proving to be quite the extrinsic motivator! Ha!

Another thing that made me want to make things look nice and tidy were these beauties. As it turns out, my dad not only has the greenest thumb on the planet, but apparently, he’s also got a knack for flower arranging too! What a guy! I can’t help but drop everything I’m doing and stage impromptu photo shoots whenever I spot a new bouquet around the house. I mean, seriously! So gorgeous.

Spring’s treating us well around here. Let’s hope Summer holds off for a loooong time.


2 Responses to “workspace wednesday / spring cleaning”

  1. Mary Nguyen

    Hi Ann Marie,

    I bought one of those good deal cheers from oh hello blog. Do I need an actual voucher mailed to me before I can actually make my purchase of stamps from you? I was a little confused.


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