These days…

I just want to go on walks through the hills and collect branches and take them home and paint them (and in turn, look like the crazy lady with an armful of unwieldy sticks).

I just want to repurpose everything in the recycling bin (i.e. bottles and tin cans).

I just want to use up all my craft supplies (so I can buy more, of course).

I just want to design stamps for every possible occasion (I’d say I’m getting there).

I just want to take photos of everything (this is nothing new).

I just want to write in my journal with my feet in the pool (still not warm enough to go all the way in).

I just want to find new design blogs and read all the archives in a single sitting (like this one and this one).

I just want to start my own papercrafting/event design business (seriously working on this).

I just want to make things. 

(But you already knew that.)



5 Responses to “i just want to.”

  1. Star E.

    If we don’t say what we want, we will never achieve it. xox

  2. Allison Waken

    Love the painted sticks! My boys and I just ordered the Darth Vader Father’s Day card from Wit and Whistle the other day

  3. Sara B.

    The painted sticks are so fun! Thanks for sharing the two design blogs. I’ve really enjoyed reading through them too!

  4. Sammy G.

    I just want to start my own papercrafting/event design business (seriously working on this).

    ^^ i think you’d be great at this!

  5. Laura M

    These are exactly my feelings right now (and if you couldn’t tell, yours is one of the new blogs I’m going through the archives of!)


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