Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Jamie and Kareem for their upcoming wedding in Cambria.

I’m not even going to pretend that I have the credentials to be called a photographer, but these two let me to boss them around for a day to get a few (or a few hundred) photos of this special time in their lives. We had a great time running all over Simi, scoping out cool locations and perfect lighting conditions. Heck, there was even a wardrobe change! And even though they claimed they had no idea how to pose, I think these photos tell a very different story.


18 Responses to “no matter how they toss the dice.”

  1. Angie Buffington

    Annie, you could have fooled me! I think wedding photography is calling your name.


    My favorite is the one where they are at the top of the stairs, it would be nice for them to return every year at their wedding anniversary and take a photo.

  3. Sammy G.

    these are so good! could you divulge what lens you used for the pictures? and what you did to edit them? 🙂

    • annmarielovespaper

      Thank you!! I didn’t use anything too fancy…just my Nikon D40 and the kit lens it came with. As for editing, I used a variety of actions and basic Photoshop techniques like exposure, levels, etc.

  4. Candy

    The pictures are gorgeous, you could obviously be wearing a new ‘photographer’ hat.

  5. Ruby J. Espinoza

    Beautiful!!!! Photo shoot<3 is so my niece. Great Job!! Like a Professional…..nice!

  6. amanda

    These are amazing. I love the posing and the processing! Awesome job!

  7. necklace revamp DIY. «

    […] Jamie recently picked up this beautiful necklace for me to wear with my bridesmaid dress for her upcoming wedding. I instantly fell in love with the powerful yet understated statement it made (if that makes any sense). However, once I tried it on with my dress, it just wasn’t jiving with the neckline and the thin straps. I was a little bummed about it until I realized how easy it would be customize the length! […]


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