On Saturday night, my mom and I saw the Beach Boys at the Hollywood Bowl. It was such a fantastic show and the ultimate California moment for me.

There are so many amazing things to see and do here in Southern California but attending a concert at the Hollywood Bowl is definitely at the top of my list (followed by experiencing Disneyland during the holiday season). It’s a beautiful outdoor venue nestled in the Hollywood Hills and it features a clear view of the famous Hollywood sign in the distance. You can even bring your own food and drinks! The only downside is that parking is beyond disastrous, so you have to plan on getting there at least two hours in advance.

This show marked our third time at the Bowl and I can’t wait to go again!

I’m sure by now you are sick of hearing about my undying love for this state, but I’m not quite ready to get off my soapbox just yet (wink)!


2 Responses to “california moment: beach boys at the hollywood bowl”

  1. Emilee

    So excited for you to have seen the Beach Boys! They were my first concert ever! My mom went that same show th other day to celebrate her turning 50 this Month. She ended up sitting near one of the Beach Boys’ daughters! Love me some CA! Oh how I miss those days!

  2. marinadk

    Agree! Love the bowl. I’ve been there four times twice for LA Phil concerts, saw The Killers, and just saw Coldplay in May. It really is such an amazing venue even with the parking madness. We’re headed back there once again in October to see Florence + The Machine. I’m adding the bowl to my layout topic list right now =) love your pic btw


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