When I woke up on Sunday, I did my daily “scroll through Instagram the minute I open my eyes” routine and saw photos of Culver City’s leg of the Patchwork Craft Fair tour. So of course, I instantly knew how I would be spending my day.

John and I spent a good hour browsing the handmade market, taking copious visual notes and feeling inspired to make things ourselves. I also loved walking around Helms Bakery District and reveling in how aesthetically-pleasing everything was. However, my favorite part was discovering all the empty Coca-Cola bottles on top of the trash cans outside of Father’s Office. I’m a glass bottle hoarder so to come across free bottles that would otherwise go to the landfill = JACKPOT! (John was only mildly horrified by my dumpster diving since he’s used to my homeless-person antics by now.)

From there, we had lunch at Which ‘Wich off Sawtelle. Have you guys been to this amazing sandwich chain?? Good lord, I’m obsessed. They opened one in Utah just before we moved and I’ve been craving one of their black bean patty sandwiches ever since!

From there, we drove across town to Pasadena to hit up Dot’s Cupcakes and Paper Source. This city is hands down, my most favorite part of LA. No doubt about it. I love the old buildings, I love the Craftsman-style homes, I love all the shops, I love how easy it is to get there from my parents’ house, I love it all. I’ve been dreaming of living there for a few years now and I’m determined to make it happen! (;

It was a wonderful day. The kind of day that makes me so happy to live in a place where there’s so much to see and do on a Sunday afternoon.


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