Jamie recently picked up this beautiful necklace for me to wear with my bridesmaid dress for her upcoming wedding. I instantly fell in love with the powerful yet understated statement it made (if that makes any sense). However, once I tried it on with my dress, it just wasn’t jiving with the neckline and the thin straps. I was a little bummed about it until I realized how easy it would be customize the length!

First things first: I knew that if I totally destroyed it, I would easily be able to replace it with another one (gotta love Forever 21). Once that was settled, I picked up a small roll of gold chain and gold wire from Michaels for only a few bucks each. Luckily I had the wire cutters and pliers from previous jewelry-making phases, so I didn’t need to worry about that.

Once I had all my supplies laid out, I cut off the existing chain and then added the new chain to one side of the necklace. With one side attached, I could easily determine how long I wanted the rest of the chain to be. It also helped that I was wearing my dress while I crafted. (Doesn’t everyone get dressed up to craft?)

After deciding on my desired length, I cut the chain and added it to the other side of the necklace. Given that the necklace could easily be pulled over my head, there was no need to add a clasp.

Ta-da! Can’t wait to wear this baby on Jamie’s big day!


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