LEFT // I’ve been spending a good chunk of my free time in Target, especially in the home decor and kitchen sections where I dream about furnishing my next place. I’ve already caved and bought an espresso maker and a new lamp. I figure, if I buy it, the house will come  (;

RIGHT // More invitation prep for Jamie + Kareem. Jamie and I spent a few hours lining envelopes with book paper, stamping tags with her custom stamp and working on placecards. Living vicariously through someone else’s wedding prep? SO. MUCH. FUN.

LEFT + RIGHT // Last Friday was spent at – where else? – California Adventure + Disneyland. The new California Adventure revamp is definitely worth checking out. There’s new rides, a Ghirardelli ice cream / coffee shop, and trolley cars, just to name a few of the many new additions. I thoroughly enjoyed it and judging by our “every other Friday” schedule we have unconsciously followed, I’ll be back in two weeks.

LEFT // Wally! Wally is my brother’s dog who has been spending lots of quality time with my family these past two weeks. We love him to pieces and can’t get enough of his sweet little face (even if it does contain his super sharp puppy teeth – ouch!).

RIGHT // Lots of placing orders, packaging orders, and taking orders to the post office. Loving every minute of this little side biz I’ve got going on.

LEFT // Spring cleaning mode is in full effect now that it’s summer. I’ve already organized my closet, now I just need to work on everything else! I’ve enlisted the help of a ruthless third party (aka Mom) to help me pare down all the crap I own, because if anyone gets a major adrenaline rush out of taking big bags to the Goodwill, it’s her.

RIGHT // Summer is here and I’m trying to make the most of it. It hasn’t been too hot here yet, but I did spend about 7 seconds outside in the Valley yesterday and nearly melted. Lord help me get through the real summer heatwaves. P.S. I took this photo by suspending my iPhone over the pool/ instant electronic death pit…! I think my Instagram obsession might have reached a new level of extreme.

But alas, I keep on ‘grammin.


4 Responses to “around here, via instagram.”

  1. Samara

    I love your packaging photos {and all of your instagram photos!}. You make beautiful stuff:)

  2. kimberly ah

    Your packaging is so simple and pretty! It made my day to receive it in the mailbox! I’ve already used BOTH of my stamps in my summer minibook, and I have my eye on the initial stamp that seems new to your shop 🙂

  3. Tiffany

    I’d love to feature you on my blog but I can’t seem to find a way to contact you. I’m Tiffany from Fashion In The Forest & Life Of A Lost Muse and you can reach me at fashionintheforest@gmail.com if you’d like to talk. I hope to hear from you:)

    Have a lovely day!


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