Loving | when I come across inspiring new Instagram or Pinterest feeds.

Making | various craft projects.

Reading | Poser: My Life in Twenty-Three Yoga Poses by Claire Dederer. So good.

Learning | how to manage my time better. It’s an ongoing battle. Definitely inspired by Elise’s tips.

Drinking | lots of iced coffee from Starbucks. Need to learn how to make it at home!

Listening | to a mix of podcasts, including This American Life + Jillian Michaels.

Eating | cherries and strawberries from local farms.

Dreaming | of a weekend getaway somewhere…anywhere! I’m in need of a vacation.

Watching | The Real Housewives of NYC and really loving the new cast.

Loathing | how disorganized I currently am. This is about to change.

Enjoying | lots of playtime with Wally. Man, I love puppies.

One Response to “list.”

  1. Emilee

    Starbucks sells the ice coffee you can make at home, or even the iced via ( ready brew iced coffee) Then add in your cream and or sugar. You can also brew whatever coffee you like at double strength (prepare a full batch and brew on a half batch) then pour it over ice Ta-da! you have home made iced coffee 🙂


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