Do you guys remember doing dot art as a kid? I know I was obsessed. I would use the paints to draw pictures and practice my handwriting and illustrate various books I wrote (including one about my younger brother entitled, “The Problems with Andy”). As you can imagine, I took my dot art very seriously.

So this past weekend while I was at Lakeshore with my mom, I spotted these awesome dot paints and knew I had to have them. But this time, instead of using them for my dramatic novels, I’m dotting huge sheets of kraft for wrapping paper. (Okay, so maybe not that much has changed in 20 years.)

It’s a pretty intuitive process that could also be achieved with a round foam brush and regular acrylic paint (as I did with these lollies). Basically all you have to do is shake the bottle and start dotting! (Be sure to place a protective sheet underneath if your paper is porous and you don’t want your work surface to be painted).

Simple enough, right? The best part about it (aside from being super easy) is that it dries quickly. 15 minutes on a hot day and it was ready to go. And even though the paper warps slightly (inevitable when paint is involved), it remains pliable and easy to fold or roll – perfect for having on hand whenever a gifting occasion pops up!

Happy wrapping!


5 Responses to “packaging: dots.”

  1. kimberly ah

    I LOVE these! At first, I thought you were using BINGO markers because I didn’t know they made dot paints–now I have to find some! 🙂


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