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Whenever people ask me where I work, I’m never quite sure what to tell them.

1. Sometimes I work in multi-million dollar homes overlooking all of LA. 2. Sometimes I answer e-mails while laying on my bed. 3. Sometimes I work from my very own desk. 4. Sometimes I work from someone else’s coffee table. 5. Sometimes I work outside on the patio. 6. Sometimes I work on a yacht (!).

Not pictured: Setting up shop in the backseat of a car. Tending to Etsy while walking across the mall. Spending long stretches of time at the post office and in rush hour traffic on the 405.

Being able to work virtually anywhere is the best.

It really is the absolute best. I find that I work now more than I ever did when my office consisted of 3.5 gray cubicle walls, but somehow it rarely feels like “work.” Each day presents it’s own set of challenges and rewards, but I love that change is a constant.

A change of scenery is always welcome.


5 Responses to “work is where your iphone is.”

  1. Dawn

    That is awesome! Very inspiring and so happy for you, way to go!! So, besides your awesome Etsy shop, are you making personal scrapbook pages for hire? That’s cool!!

  2. atrumei

    I’m so jealous of your amazing workspaces – I would love to be able to do that one day!!! Beautiful photos and I’m a massive fan of your stamps… inspiring!

  3. Aimee

    Hi Anne-marie, I am am new comer to your blog and I have a washi tape abuse problem. I was just wondering how you keep it all together and stay motivated? My partner and I run a design company and I have the advantage of working anywhere with the net, I am also an online student at a local university. I need to get it together and workout more (lie: at all would be good) as I am getting married in december. I just feel really overwhelmed and without structure I seem to – fall behind, I guess.


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