Hot summer weather always has a way of making me long for cooler Fall / Winter temps. And with Fall + Winter comes one of my all-time favorite holiday traditions: December Daily. And what is December Daily? Scrapbooking, of course. Sigh. Just when I think I have reached the end of my scrapbooking days, I get sucked right back in. So even though I have to wait a few more months before I can get started on any holiday fun, I can always work on Project Life. Novel concept, right? Ha!

Here’s how I jumped back into it:

June 2012 

I had grand plans for the month of June, but somehow it just turned out to be a single page. And I realized I am totally fine with that. There’s no need to do a two page spread every single time.

July 2012

I decided a two-page spread was in order for this month. I’ve been collecting bits and pieces of ephemera in the hopes of getting back into Project Life mode and I’m so glad I kept them. I think they’re my favorite aspect of the whole PL concept! I’ve also continued with typing my journaling directly onto my photos in Photoshop. Being able to print pictures out and immediately stick them in their respective pockets has been a great way to streamline my process.

Here’s hoping August makes for an excellent PL month!


11 Responses to “project life: june/july”

  1. bluebuttonpress

    Great spreads! I just started PL as a baby book project for my Bub and getting started is pretty intimidating. Thanks for the tip about journaling right onto the pics.

  2. Geralyn

    I’m glad you’re still doing PL! I always look forward to your posts; they’re so inspiring 🙂 Love the text on photos and you’ve got some great photos there! I’m lovin’ the colors.

  3. Paula

    Scary to think that December daily is only just over 4 months away.

  4. Paula

    Just a quick question, do you know of any companies that make Christmas tape. I’ve found a company called Cavallini who make Vintage Christmas Paper Tape and wondered if you know of any others? I live in the UK but it is so easy to purchase products online and if you could advise me I’d be grateful. Thanks Paula

    • annmarielovespaper

      Hi Paula! I know that Martha Stewart has made Christmas tape in the past. American Crafts used to make it as well, but they have since discontinued their tape lines. I’m sure once Christmas rolls around, we will start seeing holiday tape pop up more and more! xo

      • Paula

        Thanks. I did order some Cavallini tape but I do like plenty of variety. Thank you for getting back to me.

  5. kimberly ah

    Hello, hot pink pen! Love it! P.s. glad to know that other people are ok with cramming a month into a spread…sometimes it just happens 🙂


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