This is what my Wednesday morning looked like:

Packing stamp orders while wearing workout clothes on top, pajamas on the bottom and hair haphazardly shoved into my headband. There was definitely no makeup involved and – real talk – probably no deodorant either. Biz cas at it’s finest.

P.S. How awesome are the Olympics? Loving every minute of it! And loving the timeliness of the “London” stamp order that I shipped out this afternoon (:


4 Responses to “workspace wednesday: biz cas”

  1. Jessica Rodarte

    I love your workspace pictures and look forward to them every week. I often mix up my pajamas and workout clothes. In fact, I believe mine are interchangeable. Your real talk about no deodorant reminded me that I should probably go put some on. 😉

  2. janelle

    love every bit of this ann-marie!! your hair is adorable and i’m loving all the stamps. you are amazing!


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