Summer is not my best look.

My skin is fried within two minutes of being out in the sun. I attract all types of blood-thirsty bugs. I’m always sweating. Hot temperatures make me all kinds of grouchy.

However, I am trying my hardest to enjoy the rest of these hot days (and nights).

I’m riding roller coasters. I’m drinking lots of iced coffee. I’m wearing my favorite sundresses. I’m taking advantage of the fact that top-knots are in style and staying far, far away from the hair dryer. I’m reading magazines in the pool. I’m staying up late and sleeping in. I’m totally loving the Olympics. I’m taking the dog for long walks after sundown. I’m driving with the windows down. I’m enjoying the occasional (and super rare) thunderstorm. And I am feeling oh-so-grateful for that godsend called air conditioning.

But most importantly, I’m loving the fact that my favorite season is next in line. (Hurry up, Fall!)

How are you guys spending your summer? What’s the weather like where you live?


10 Responses to “summer.”

  1. Heather Ferguson

    Is it wrong that I know exactly where you are in almost every one of those photos (especially the one of you on the roller coaster, having ridden that one about 50 times myself)? It’s very hot here in Denver this year, but we are eating popsicles and surviving and thoroughly enjoying the Olympics.

  2. Sammy

    nj is all hotness and humidity. ugh! i can’t wait for the fall so that it’s nice and cool without the humidity.
    love the pictures!! all from the iphone? or from dslr too?

  3. Nora

    I love that you are a rare person in Southern CA that doesn’t wholeheartedly embrace the heat. I’m the same way…and am totally counting down to fall too.

  4. Paula

    Seeing Disneyland makes me feel old. I won a national newspaper competition in the UK in the 1970’s. The prize was a trip to Disneyland and meet David Cassidy at the Burbank Television Studios. Pirates of the Caribbean was amazing.

  5. Donna

    I’m in New Zealand where it’s winter and really hanging out for spring!

  6. kristin

    the west coast of sweden, where I live, has had nothing but rain, gray skies and rain this “summer”. I’m not a summer person myself, but _some_ sun would have been nice for a change. oh well, like you I long for autumn, maybe I’ll have some crisp mornings instead of sunny summer days.


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