Despite my mountainous to-do list, I managed to squeeze in a little Project Life this week and am so glad I did. Not only did it give me something to blog about (meta, much?) but it gave me a place to house Mary freakin’ McDonald’s business card that I had been guarding with my life since last weekend. Whew.

Left: The far left middle pocket has the ephemera glued right on top of the page protector. Living dangerously over here. Right: My love for paperclips + washi tape knows no end.

Left: Life Love Paper woodgrain paper, Heidi Swapp neon letters (which are perfect for PL because they have barely any dimension!), and pink + yellow washi tape. Right: a quick journaling card that I whipped up in Illustrator to document the fact that summer (unfortunately) never really ends here.

I saw Niecy Nash at Disneyland on Friday and then Heather Locklear in Montecito on Saturday. ‘Twas a great weekend to be a Californian.

Left: The 4×6″ journaling card I made in Illustrator to document my random stream of consciousness regarding the month of September. Sometimes I forget how much easier it is to type things out on the comp and print them versus handwriting and changing my mind mid-paragraph. Right: If that looks like a holiday stamp then you would be…correct! Honestly, I don’t have a good reason for it to be on a PL spread in the middle of a heatwave in September / October. All I can say is that it was on my desk and I needed something to fill that spot so I slapped it in there. Putting my fancy art education to work, obviously.

I have to be honest, this go-round was kind of tough. I had a hard time getting the color palettes to jive (which is usually the easiest part for me!) and it took way longer than it should have. However, the one thing I did that helped expedite the process was typing my journaling directly onto my photos in Photoshop. Another trick I used: swiping my photos from my blog + Instagram feed before I did anything else. That helped me determine what I wanted the spread to be about and broke down the photo-to-ephemera ratio. And as logical and mathematical as I just made that sound, trust: there is zero math going on here. I don’t believe in it.

Hope you all are having a great day! Weekend, here we come!


4 Responses to “project life: september / october.”

  1. Aim

    Okay, I really think you should do a post called tips and tricks for project life. That way when I actually start I won’t have to go back though all your posts for these nifty pieces of advice. Christmas stamp is so going on my wishlist 🙂


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