John and I recently had a conversation about the longevity of social media outlets and how long we thought each one would last. I was trying to convince him that Instagram would be around for quite awhile. After all, why would Facebook invest a billion dollars in it if it didn’t have some sort of lasting potential…? But then again, maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part since I eat/sleep/breathe the ‘Gram.

It’s pretty apparent by now that I take my Instagram very seriously. Waaaay more serious than the average bear. I set all sorts of rules + boundaries for myself. I agonize over what filter to use like my life depends on it. I also believe that less is more when it comes to hashtags. And by less, I mean no more than three. Not. Ever. All of the photos above are under the hashtag #onmydesk, which makes makes for a fun ongoing series that I am constantly adding to. It’s not exactly original (as made obvious by the 1000+ photos under that name), but it perfectly embodies what my day is looking like on any random Wednesday. Plus, it sure beats what’s going on behind the camera (#disheveledfreelancerwearingsweatpantsalldayeveryday).

Like I said, I have boundaries.


2 Responses to “workspace wednesday: #onmydesk”

  1. Janna Werner

    Totally agree Also with the hashtags, though I like when they are weaved into an ongoing text. But I don’t like photo-text-30 hashtags


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