1. Put on your finest pair of sweatpants. Photographing inanimate objects is utterly exhausting. You’ll see.
2. Find the best source of natural, indirect light. For me, it’s right by a sliding glass door with a sheer curtain drawn to eliminate shadows + harsh light.
3. Use a white foam-core board as the background. This board is not only a great neutral for shooting + editing, but it’s strong enough to act as a tabletop.
4. Gather an assortment of “props.” For my latest shop designs, I used a mix of graph paper, a hot pink envelope from Jamaica, a photo of San Diego, and washi tape. Always washi tape. To keep things streamlined for future product shoots, I left two strips of washi tape on the board permanently.
5. Take a quick Instagram break.
6. Style the stamps to your liking. As much as I love elaborate set-ups, I know better than to do that to myself. When it comes to efficiency and personal sanity, the simpler the better.
7. Take several different shots of each product. I always zoom out more than what seems necessary, just so I can crop and rotate to my liking when I edit. Better to have too much to work with than not enough. Trust.
8. Style, shoot, repeat.
9. Take a step back and photograph your set-up. Who knows, it might make for a good blog post (;


P.S. New stamps are up!

8 Responses to “product photography 101.”

  1. Dawn

    LOVE this post!! So fun and its always cool when you get a behind the scenes peek 😉 love it!

  2. Babz

    Foam Core, well why didn’t I think of that! And yes, Instagram breaks are key!

  3. rossana

    this post is very very interesting! thanks to share!! and please, pleeease, tell me which filters do you use in your photos!!!!!

  4. Alexi

    Just a question – do you make these yourself, or do you just design them?

  5. Cherie

    I’ve been working on photographing my new items and it’s definitely my least favorite part of having a shop. So time consuming and frustrating because I feel like I can never get them to look how I imagine. But hey I’d rather be doing that then stuck in some cubical all day…right?!?!


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