There’s this great song from the 70’s with a line that constantly runs through my head:

“It’s alright now / I learned my lesson well / you see you can’t please everyone / so you’ve got to please yourself.”

Whenever I need to hear it most (and even when I don’t), there it is. I love that.

For the first time in many months, my workload has leveled off a little bit. There’s still plenty to get done on a daily basis, but just enough for me to comfortably stay afloat and began to recover from a serious bout of creative burnout. Hallelujah. On Sunday, I spent the morning lazing on the couch with coffee + Pinterest and the next thing I know, I’m racing to the craft store to pick up supplies for a few fun crafty projects that I can’t wait to dive into. And just like that, I’m excited about creating again.

The thing about creativity is that it really can’t be dialed in. Of course, there a few tricks we can use to power ourselves through, but that only goes so far. Creativity is just like working out: you can only perform the same exercise so many times before it loses it’s effect and your progress begins to stall. If you ever want to get better (and who doesn’t want that?), you absolutely have to shake things up. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m focusing on fun little side projects that make me happy, without any third party opinions or any financial incentive steering the ship. The more I experiment with new ideas and refine my skills, the better I will be when there is a paycheck at the finish line, right? Win win for everyone!

Is there a song or quote that’s always in the back of your mind?


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