You all know by now that I LOVE Instagram. LOVE might not even be a strong enough word to accurately describe this minor (read: major) obsession of mine. Because I eat/sleep/breathe the ‘gram, I’ve learned a few tips + tricks along the way that I thought would be fun to share with you. Of course, please keep in mind that I am no expert. You want expert advice? Find someone who has a “K” in their number of followers. (Unless they’re a celebrity. Why do celebrities always have the ugliest IG feeds?!).

LIGHTING – Like all forms of photography, use natural light whenever possible. If that’s not available, try to find a spot without harsh overhead lighting and dark shadows. The softer, the better.

STYLING – Don’t be afraid to do a little staging. If you can better the scene you are creating, do it. Remove any distracting elements. Group items in threes. Move around to find the best angle possible. This is not cheating. This is simply putting your best foot forward.

SETTING UP – Plan out your shot before you take it. Don’t rely solely on post-processing to fix any “errors.” A good rule of thumb: square up your shot. If there are horizontal or vertical lines in the frame (i.e. a fence, a light post, etc), line them up with your camera. I promise this will make your photos look a million times better.

PHOTO APPS – Experiment with different photo editing apps. I almost never use the filters instagram provides. Instead, I process all my photos through Snapster or VSCO Cam and then import them to IG. This is an additional step and takes a little exta time, but it is more than worth it to me. These programs not only have a bunch of awesome filters, but they also include many super-useful editing features, including brightness, contrast, and saturation.

MARKETING – Remember that Instagram is a fantastic marketing tool on so many levels! Not only can people get a candid glimpse into your everyday life, but they can interact with you through the comment section and check out your blog/shop/etc through the link you provide in your profile. For better or worse, IG becomes an extension of your “brand” (whether or not you have a business or just an online presence), so it’s best to keep this in mind when posting photos. That being said, I can’t even tell you how many talented people I discover every single day through this wonderful little world! Tip: a great way to find inspiring new feeds is to look at who your current fave instagrammers are following. Let them curate your feed for you!

COMMENTING – Comment away! If you really love someone’s feed, tell them! I absolutely love receiving feedback on my photos (who doesn’t?). My only word of caution on this matter is if you have a question, check though previous comments to see if someone else has already asked your question and – most likely – received an answer. Tip: if you’ve typed something and accidentally pressed enter before finishing your sentence, swipe to the right to delete your comment and try again.

PINNING INSTAGRAMS – Did you know that you can pin your favorite ‘grams to Pinterest? (It’s a social media marriage made in heaven!) Believe it! I am a big fan of Webstagram for this very purpose.

What’s your favorite tip/trick for grammin’? I would love to hear it!


6 Responses to “grammin’ ain’t easy: tips + tricks.”

  1. Babz510

    LOL, Kelvin! I don’t think I’ve ever used it, you’re so spot on there!

  2. Peltier cooler

    You are quite passionate about instagrams which is really evident from your blog. Thank you so much for explaining all the places where these can be effectively used.


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