The best part about being engaged (well, aside from the fiance, of course) is that for once in my life, I have a LEGITIMATE reason to shop! Every single day! For better or worse, I have become obsessed with tracking down + purchasing awesome pieces that can be used for decor or wedding-related craft projects. When I’m not trolling the interwebs for great deals + free shipping, you can bet I’m raiding Target, Michaels, or the Goodwill like the crazy person that I was born to be!

Here are a few of the thrifted items John + I scored last weekend:

wedding thrifting | ann-marie morris
glassware for food and flowers | coffee mug for attempting this project

wedding thrifting | ann-marie morris
wooden cassette tape holder for placecards | chalkboard globe for funky signage

Given that our budget is low, I’m looking for any and all ways to pull together our creative resources and DIY / thrift / repurpose as much as possible. (We’re both still paying off our fancy design educations, so we might as well get our money’s worth, right? Ha!) So far, so good. Now I just need to find a place to store all this wonderful – and inexpensive! – stuff before someone turns me in to Hoarders…


9 Responses to “wedding thrifting.”

  1. Holly

    I did the Sharpie mug diy for my sister for Christmas and it worked out so great!! Good luck on yours!

  2. sherry

    wondering if you saw the new flea market weddings magazine. it’s pretty good for inspiration. 🙂 have fun planning your special day.


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