workspace wednesday | ann-marie loves paper

T O D A Y // Making piles, moving piles. Working on a few projects for Amy. Trying to figure out my place on Vine (are you on it? do tell!). E-mailing + g-chatting. Packing stamp orders. Watching Girls. Thinking about when I should leave for the gym. Slowly chipping away at my 2013 Project Life pages (photos to come!). Drinking a spinach / carrot / greek yogurt / almond milk / blueberry / banana smoothie. Trolling the interwebs for party decor inspiration. Reading and re-reading The New-Fashioned Wedding nearly every single day (such a good book). Looking forward to visiting Oh Hello Friend’s new shop. Designing printable Valentine’s. Loving the sunshine. Procrastinating. Still rocking sweatpants at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Same ol,’ same ol.’ (You know how it goes.)


5 Responses to “workspace wednesday: same ol,’ same ol.’”

  1. Emma Miya

    Yes, I just signed up for vine and have made 3 videos. I just can’t understand why I can hear sound on some people’s videos, but not on mine? hmmm..
    I just started watching Girls last night. So good, so funny!

  2. mary @ B&Gjournals

    oh rocking sweat pants over here way too much too…can’t bring myself to put on real pants when its so cold out these days! and always love shots of you office/work progress. also—yes to girls! just caught up last night and loved elijah’s explanation of power-clashing, haha…


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