It came to my attention recently that engagement parties are the thing to do these days and since when I am I one to skip out on a good trend?! John and I (okay, mainly I) hopped right on that bandwagon and decided to throw a Valentine’s-themed engagement party in mid-February. It has been SO MUCH FUN pinning ideas to my private Pinterest boards (the timing on those things = clutch), thrifting for decor + serveware, designing the invitations, and the very best part of all, crafting like a madwoman! Here’s a little peek at what I’ve been working on:

engagment party crafting | ann-marie loves paper
engagement party crafting | ann-marie loves paper
engagement party crafting | ann-marie loves paper
engagement party crafting | ann-marie loves paper

BANNERS | A giant pad of construction paper, several yards of baker’s twine, and a stapler filled with gold staples equated three HUMONGOUS banners. It was probably the easiest banner-making experience of my life (cut, fold, staple, repeat) and is totally worth the major construction paper odor currently wafting in my bedroom!

PLATES | I’ve been collecting cheap dishes from the thrift store solely to bring this DIY to life. A gold Sharpie pen + a steady wrist was all it took to create the polka dot designs. Super simple.

I just want to make stuff all day, everyday! Can this please be my life forever?


5 Responses to “engagement party crafting.”

  1. Summer

    Oh I have a pack of matellic sharpies and I love them!!! I use them for little detailing on all of my projects….plus they’re awesome for nail art too ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. mary @ B&Gjournals

    awesome, love this. and how fun that your engagement party is coming up, congrats to you two! i am obsessed with that amber dish and your lamp in the first photo. i mean really. that dish! that lamp!


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