Last year I fell in love with the concept of Project Life.

I loved the way it allowed me to use all my favorite elements (paper, photos + memorabilia) in one place without having to make traditional scrapbook pages. At first I was super dedicated (I’m going to do this every week! of every year! for the rest of my life!), but like all long-term creative endeavors, I eventually fell off the bandwagon. I started to feel that I had gotten too far behind (even though I don’t believe in that!) and “catching up” just seemed too daunting a task. I still loved the concept, but I knew I needed to find a system that work better for me.

Project Life Cover Spread | Ann-Marie Morris

So after much thought + inspiration from others, I decided to try something new. This year I’m going with an 8.5×11″ format using a mix of baseball card sleeves and traditional Project Life page protectors cut down to size. I also plan on forgoing a rigid week-by-week schedule and instead, simply filling up my pages when and how I see fit. Nothing too fancy. Nothing too crazy. But totally doable.


11 Responses to “project life 2013.”

  1. Betty

    How very beautiful!!! I remember this photo from Instagram, gorgeous, inventive layout.

  2. craftychicgirl

    love this look! i’m also going w/ the 8.5 x 11 and loving it. martha stewart had some great page protectors i’ve been using along with other i picked up at staples and office depot…

  3. christina rayevich

    sounds like a good idea to me! that’s how i did mine last yr(& this yr). sometimes i would combine 2or3 wks together on a spread or even a whole month. no pressure no worries =))

  4. Summer

    I just love how crafty and creative you are! I just recently got a Smash book and can’t to start filling it with memories….no “rules” applied 😉 Love the idea of baseball card sleeves too: Genius!


  5. Michelle E

    That’s such a good idea actually. I had been thinking of combining two weeks per spread, but I love the idea of just adding stuff when I have it and not worrying about it! Thanks!!

  6. jayessjaybee

    I love the colors on this page! And, I’m loving the free-for-all version of Project Life… now that I might could handle. 🙂

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    […] of crazy lately, but I am determined to get back on track! ANYWAYS. Remember back in January when I talked about wanting a smaller format for my everyday memory-keeping? Well, I think I may have found the perfect solution: BasicGrey’s Capture albums. Not only […]


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