bridesmaid cards | ann-marie loves paper
bridesmaid cards | ann-marie loves paper
bridesmaid cards | ann-marie loves paper

Over the holiday season, I was lucky enough to have almost all of my friends in town for several weeks. This meant daily trips to Starbucks to “get work done” which translates to “rearrange the tables + chairs in the store to accomodate everyone and talk loudly for hours on end.” (The good people at the ‘Bucks totally love us.) Since it’s so rare to actually have my friends nearby for an extended period of time, I knew I had to seize the opportunity to pop the question to my bridesmaids in person. And let me tell you, I struggled to figure out what I wanted to do! The pressure was on, to say the least.

After many failed mock-ups (I was dead-serious about this task), I finally decided that simple was best.

Using my Cameo, I die-cut each of the cards and then adhered them to a sheet of gold cardstock along with a handwritten message on the back. From there, I wrapped each card in hot pink tissue paper and tucked them into kraft bags embellished with washi tape, glitter tape, and a Thicker in each girl’s first initial. And guess what? It totally worked! Despite the fact that four out of six girls currently live out of state, they all agreed to join me on this journey! I couldn’t be more thrilled.


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  1. Sarah

    Thanks for being so thoughtful! I am going to send a picture this weekend of outfit #1 🙂 Love you!


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