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I’ve been struggling with finding the perfect word for this year. There are so many excellent options that would all move me in some way, but not really one in particular that stood out as my WORD, you know? That is, until a week ago.

As I looked around my messy desk, started stressing about putting together all my tax papers, and wondering where the HECK my other shoe was, I realized that I need to dedicate 2013 to GETTING ORGANIZED.

I don’t know why I let things slide. I don’t know why I put things off until the last possible moment. I don’t know why I let giant messes pile up until I absolutely have to confront them. But I do. Not only is this bad habit visually distressing, but it’s mentally, physically and emotionally draining too. And who needs that? It’s time to stop being a self-saboteur. While getting organized and planning out my life might take a little bit more time and energy upfront, it always pays off tenfold in the end.

So yesterday morning when I got back from the gym (always a great way to stay on top of my day), I took out all the clothes in my dresser drawers and closet and reorganized them. I then cleaned off my desk, filed away anything that absolutely did not need to be there, threw away the little scraps of paper I knew I wouldn’t be using, and put all of my February receipts in their designated place. I then answered a bunch of e-mails that I had been putting off and reached out to a few people I had been meaning to contact. Finally, I got down to work. I chipped away at my to-do list and began to feel better and better about myself. Already, this mantra is making a difference!

What are your goals for this year?


7 Responses to “get organized.”

  1. Maria

    Wow, you totally did it!! 🙂 All those things you did in one day I have looong planned to do as well!! Now that we will move at the end of march, I have to do a start just like you did!! Thanks for your post, it really motivates me to get some things done!! 🙂

  2. antsloth

    I need to make better goals for this year. Liz and I had a good conversation about organization in ATL: the irony is I am TOO organized, which has allowed me to get into Duke but it is detrimental in other areas of my life. I don’t want to make my goal to be LESS organized because that isn’t a good idea in grad school. One of my goals for 2013 is to become a PA, get a real job, and figure out finances. Shoot that is 3 and not very easy goals. I take it all back…FLOSS, that is always a good one.

    • Erin

      SIMPLIFY. We have an adorable cottage-style (and sized) country home and have managed to just cram it full of everything we fell in love with at the time, no matter how temporary that love. So, I started, room-by-room, cleaning everything it and only putting back the TRULY loved and the necessary. It feels awesome!!

  3. Samantha

    I feel ya. It feels so good to sit down and just tackle everything that’s been on the to-do list. I always struggle with fitting those actions into my daily life. Love your word!! And congrats on the engagement 🙂


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