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Ventura, Ca | Ann-Marie Morris
Ventura, Ca | Ann-Marie Morris

It was a good weekend.

After searching and researching the past few months until I couldn’t stand to look at one more outrageously expensive pricing sheet, we finally found our venue. It’s not in San Diego, like I imagined. It hasn’t (yet) graced the pages of every big wedding blog. But it’s a blank canvas with a Spanish-style flavor. There are barely any rules and our date is wiiiide open! In other words, it’s perfect.

We are so excited to finally have a place to build our vision around. This is where I get to put my Pinterest boards to work. This is where I get to hire an amazing photographer. This is where I get to dance all night long in my beautiful dress. This is where I become an Espinoza. This is where it all goes down.

Oh yes. It’s gonna be good.


8 Responses to “we found it.”

  1. Geralyn

    Oh yay!! So excited for you. The place looks beautiful and I like the sound of a Spanish-style flavor 🙂 I know you’ll make this place amazing for your wedding!

  2. mary @ B&Gjournals

    wow, this place looks absolutely amazing. how was this place not outrageously expensive either? love your photos and everything you’ve shared so far, i know its going to be a most beautiful event you put together.

  3. patterndaily

    You probably have a long list of photographers to choose from but, I hope you don’t mind, I’m passing along a name to add to the list, David Newkirk. He travels all over the place for weddings & other events. He’s great with people & down right nice & currently shooting a Key West wedding.

    His blog:


  4. Summer

    Holy COW! Just from looking at these few pictures it looks AMAZING!!! So happy and excited for you 😀 That fountain….eeeek x)


  5. Heather

    I love how excited you are!! I’m so excited for the fiesta!!


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