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I sort of abandoned my planner for a few months last year (September / October…who are you?) in favor of the Teux Deux app on my phone. And as much as I loved the convenience of having my agenda everywhere I went, I missed the way it felt to SEE a week at a glance and to physically WRITE out my schedule with different colored pens. There’s nothing quite like the tactile satisfaction that comes from crossing things off and getting it done! This is also the reason I could never be 100% graphic design…I need to use my hands!

That said, recommitting to writing in my planner everyday has been a huge source of joy for me (seriously!). I break down my tasks over the whole week. I write down which days I worked out. I make goals for each week, whether it’s to go to bed by a certain time or try to figure out how to use my camera remote. I keep track of deadlines and hours worked. I make sure to note which days were really awesome. I put check marks next to things I accomplished. I write lists on notepads and then paperclip them into my book. I keep track of my life and it feels so good.

Do you love planners? How do you stay organized?


12 Responses to “workspace wednesday: planner mode.”

  1. antsloth

    I LOVE my planner. I use an Erin Condren planner AND I love my one thing a day journal. I also use google calendar for birthdays/ events that happen yearly. But, I do not set up a scene and take pictures of said planner, haha I am a bad blogger I will never do that, maybe you can set up a nice picture when you guest post so people think I am cool. That last notebook would make a perfect bridesmaid dress. #bridesmaidawardoftheday

    • annmarielovespaper

      You are the ultimate planner, Sar. If you send me that line-a-day book, I will take lots of bright + happy photos to post on your blog! 😉

  2. Keema

    There’s no way I’ll ever be able to plan via technology. I love crossing things off as well. I actually love to create my own planners so it caters to my needs!

  3. Summer

    Oh I need to get into keeping a planner sooo bad! I’m a total “to-do list girl” but it’s about time I take it up another notch! I can totally relate to getting joy from physically crossing something off a list 🙂 In fact, I’m the kind of person who writes things done that I’ve already completed JUST so I can cross it off and have the satisfaction of seeing that it’s done lol! Your planners are beautiful btw 🙂


  4. Diana

    I love planners! I am currently using a Franklin Covey binder, which I “sync” with my iPhone calendar. I agree with you that there is nothing like color coding events and crossing items from to-do lists. Adding washi tape and stickers make even the more mundane task seem more exciting 😉

  5. Carrie

    I’m *just* slightly abandoned my planner. I normally use a large Moleskine because, like you, I like to see it in front of me. I make lists, tons of them. So since the planner is sort of “in my way” I have started using Teux Deux. I am trying to simplify things because we’re getting married and moving in the next 52 days. I’ll go back, I’m sure, when life slows down.

  6. mary @ B&Gjournals

    completely a planner freak—so much thought goes into selecting the right one every year–>one that gives me a week at a glance, gives me room to go into detail on daily tasks/appointments/events and then a space dedicated to each week for weekly goals, to do lists, inspirational quotes, etc. i’m also at the crossroads of loving/needing to have my tactile planner, but also knowing that technology often gives me the reminders i need (hello pre-set alarm to remind me of an event) and my organizational impulse is to want to consolidate those two…

    i bet the pages of your planner are beautiful, btdubs.

  7. Shelby

    I am 100% the same way. I tried to downsize it too & just get a simple May Book, but it wasn’t enough, so I designed my own, and that thing is my Bible! I love to write out all the pretty things, and oh boy, the satisfaction of crossing something out! Oh happpppy day!

  8. Laura Barnes

    Gosh, maybe you ladies can help me! I LOVE having an actual planner to write it!! Last year I fell in love with a monthly planner.. I’m a wedding photographer and often plan things months ahead. I need a good month view and don’t really like the daily pages. I still color code and write my daily tasks out, just in the month view. This year I haven’t found a single planner I liked that was just monthly that wasn’t tiny. Thus far I’ve had to depend on my phone. Where should I look?? Anyone have favorite brands??


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