The time change has made for some interesting ebbs and flows in my energy levels this past week, to say the least. On Monday I was FULL SPEED AHEAD and on Tuesday I was…not.

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On Monday, I got myself out of bed and straight into a Zumba class with time to spare (a rare occurrence). I then came home and set out to clean my desk so I could get work done in a clean space, but in the process, ended up reorganizing my closet, my shipping supplies, my bookshelf, and my nightstand. I would have kept going (!!!), but I had work that needed to be completed in a time-sensitive manner so I focused on that instead. Of course, I then decided that I should take the dog on a nice long walk to wear him out a little bit. So we did. For an hour and a half. And after that, I jumped right back into work until 3am before I realized that I should probably get some sleep. It should also be noted that I had little appetite the whole entire day and I wasn’t the least bit tired. WHERE DID THIS ENERGY COME FROM?

On Tuesday, I woke up and immediately regretted that decision. My sky-high energy from the day before had OFFICIALLY left the building. So…I spent a good portion of the morning (ahem…and early afternoon) working on my wedding pinning in my pajamas. (That’s somewhat productive, right?) I also made sure to chug as many glasses of water as I possibly could and that definitely seemed to help. Luckily, it was the most beautiful day of all time, so I was eager to sit outside and bask in the glorious California sunshine while answering e-mails from my phone (where would I be without my iPhone?). From that point on, I had a better grip on my energy. I packed and shipped a bunch of orders. I did a little grocery shopping. I took Wally on another long walk. I accomplished only what I needed to accomplish and left it at that.

I am always analyzing, always rethinking, always trying to find new ways to be BETTER, you know? I want everyday to be like Monday, but clearly that is SO not going to happen. Some days are good, some days are great. I just have to roll with it.

How do you maintain your energy levels? I would love to hear your thoughts!


8 Responses to “workspace wednesday: time change madness.”

  1. Shelby

    Hah! That always seems to happen to me, I never get what I need to get done on my high energy days. Then, when something is really urgent, I’m exhausted!

  2. antsloth

    I really like this post. Real talk with amm. My energy levels are critically low (that is what we say in medicine when a lab result is bad) but I will say that when I eat better, I feel better. Today for lunch a pharm rep brought in BBQ food (pulled pork, Texas Toast, baked beans) and I ate a huge plate because I didn’t eat enough in the morning and a. I didn’t really enjoy it while I was eating it and then b. I spent the rest of the afternoon with less energy than I started with! Food is quite the tight rope. You can’t eat too little or else your energy levels will crash and you can’t eat too much. I am currently eating soup and salad which I think is a good combo for staying on the tight rope. I am glad you had a productive day Monday though, those are the best! In yoga tonight we talked about always doing your best, but also accepting what your “best” is. Sometimes the best we can do is breathe. <–that is what I have spent the past 2 months doing! OK namaste.

  3. etley enlightens

    three words: salted caramel mocha. 🙂 jk jk – – if i can get a run in somewhere during the day, my energy seems to emerge from the depths of my lazy self. it’s miraculous. also, if i look at each ‘project’ in baby steps, i get less overwhelmed. for instance – if i need to clean my room, i clean a corner each day. that way it’s not so daunting. yeah – i may accomplished one clean room every four days, but at least it gets crossed off the list, ya know?? ps: i want my desk to be as clean as yours. yes, yes i do.

  4. Chloe Moon

    I’ve struggled all week with my energy levels! But I worked out hard on Monday and Tuesday and that made me tired the whole rest of the week! Usually I have a cup of coffee in the morning and then a cup of green tea at lunch along with a walk outside that gets me pumped then probably another cup of energy bursting Yogi Tea called Perfect Energy I think it’s passionfruit flavored! It does the trick!! =)

  5. Ffion

    Haha, that’s totally me xD
    I have days where I’m raging with energy and get about a week’s worth of work done and then the next day I don’t do squat, because I just can’t get my arse up. I always wonder what causes these ups and downs…
    So far I’ve just had to come to live with the fact that I have one productive day and then at least one unproductive day…

    What helps me is tricking myself into working, like: “I’ll just open this file and LOOK at it, I don’t actually have to work… just one little look.” “I’ll just do one teeny weeny little sketch of what it could look like…” Anything to get myself into the first stage of work and then quite often things start to take off again slowly.


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