Despite being in five different states, three different time zones and unpredictable levels of Internet cooperation (Jamie – we’re coming for you!), my friends and I were able to hang out on Wednesday night + it was the greatest thing ever.

Google Chat | Ann-Marie Loves Paper

Okay, so maybe not “hang out” in the same way we do when we take over Starbucks or stand in Jaymee’s parents’ kitchen until 2am or gather together for our annual holiday parties, but still, so good. Amazing actually. I mean, can you believe that with a few clicks, you can SEE + HEAR + TALK TO someone thousands of miles away? Or better yet, six different people all at the same time?! I can’t even…

Nothing better than good friends, good conversations + ridiculously amazing technology.

4 Responses to “let’s get together (yeah yeah yeah).”

  1. Sophia

    I love when technology lets us do these things! I have friends in the US, Australia, and all over Europe so love catching up on skype / gmail videochat etc. Can I ask what you used to do a videochat with many people?


  2. Liz

    Sarah, I thought my walls were going to be on Jaymee’s blog next? I think the circuit breaker in the middle of my kitchen wall is super classy.

    Seriously, this night was so fun. Looking forward to the next hang out.


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