The thing about thrifting several times a week and then immediately banishing my treasures to boxes in the garage is that I have no freaking clue what I own. So the other day, something possessed me to break out all those boxes and open each and every carefully-wrapped item so I could take inventory. I knew the minute I started, I would immediately regret this hare-brained scheme, but, like most stupid decisions, I was in too deep to quit. Before I knew it, glassware covered every square inch of the dining room table.

Thrifting | Ann-Marie Loves Paper

Thrifting | Ann-Marie Loves Paper

Thrifting | Ann-Marie Loves Paper

Seeing everything all laid out together made me so happy-slash-confirmed my suspicions that I am a hoarder. The best (worst?) part of all is that in the middle of this inventory-taking madness, I went to the gym and stopped by – where else? – the Goodwill on my way back home. I AM ADDICTED. But I promise I have a master plan! Once this whole wedding extravaganza wraps up, I have grand plans of starting a rentals biz so I can share the glassware love with others. Ahem…and have an excuse to keep hoarding.

7 Responses to “taking inventory.”

  1. gina

    We’re the same person. I keep saying the same thing {vintage rental biz} and I can’t help it; I take everything out to look at it periodically.

  2. Chloe Moon

    A vintage rental biz? That’s so cool!! I have horrible thrift shops and goodwills where I live that really don’t have any vintage pieces. I would so use a service like that so I could rent some vintage pieces for things! =)

  3. Dawn Nikol

    Dude, those gold cups keep making me think of Indiana Jones. You know? The Last Crusade where he has to choose which cup is the Grail? You have chosen…. wisely.


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