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You guys, I think I may have found the secret to getting things done: a timer! Yesterday as my to-do list continued to grow and my productivity began to plummet, I decided to break down each task into 15 minute increments and focus, focus, focus. Before I knew it, I was checking items off my list and wondering why the heck I hadn’t tried this sooner! There’s something about a ticking timer that makes any task feel more like an exciting game than a monotonous job. And I like it.

What do you do to trick yourself into getting things done?

P.S. Today on the BG blog, you can see my super (not) glamorous styling + photography set-up!

6 Responses to “workspace wednesday | time’s up”

  1. snappystreet

    Wonderful idea! Every day I think to myself I MUST be more productive, perhaps this is the answer I’ve been looking for! x

  2. Jessica Rodarte

    A timer is the only way I get anything done. I take frequent breaks from tedious tasks and before I know it, I am done. It feels great. I am glad to hear I am not the only one! šŸ™‚

  3. elizabethrosemond

    I totally do this too! I have 2 little ones at home as well, so I have sooooo many reasons to be unproductive! The timer really just helps me zone in on accomplishing something!

  4. Renae

    I’ve used a timer before. For things around the house, I like to turn on a record, and see how much I can get done before one side is over! It makes it more fun and feels kind of like a game šŸ™‚

  5. Janine Freudiger

    I tried it this sunday for all the things I should have done a long time before. And WOW- how fast I was:-) Thank you for sharing!! Will use this method a lot more in the future:-)


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