topanga vintage market | ann-marie morris

There’s really nothing in this world that I love more than a good treasure hunting excursion (obviously). I mean, what could possibly be more fun than digging through others’ discarded junk and giving it new life?! (Uh, just about EVERYTHING is more fun than that, my mom would say – ha!) Thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales – bring it on! So on the fourth Sunday of every month, I love to attend the Topanga Vintage Market in the San Fernando Valley. This market hosts a wide variety of vendors + vintage products in all different price ranges. Of course I’m always on the lookout for unique glass + tableware, but even if I don’t buy anything, it’s worth it for the visual inspiration alone! Here are a few of the awesome items I spotted the last time I attended:

topanga vintage market | ann-marie morris

One of these days, I want to purchase a giant sign like this and work it into a lush outdoor landscape. I love when urban + natural aesthetics collide, a la my beloved Grow.

topanga vintage market | ann-marie morris

The wooden crate! The orange tackle box! The yellow lawn chair! Everything about this photo makes me want to dig in.

topanga vintage market | ann-marie morris

If I had a few kids + a few hundred spare dollars, I would definitely snatch these chairs up and put them in a playroom or on a patio for outdoor dining. You could even use one as a place to stack books or blankets! Aren’t the colors just perfection?

topanga vintage market | ann-marie morris

These handcrafted glass beaded necklaces are amazing. Not only would they be great for wearing, but they would also look fantastic if they were tied into a loose knot and displayed on a dresser or coffee table. So many possibilities in so many beautiful colors!

P.S. If you make it to the market, be sure to stop by booth F-20 and say hello to my lovely future in-laws! (:

What are your favorite things to look for when you go treasure hunting?

6 Responses to “topanga vintage market | woodland hills, ca”

  1. antsloth

    1. Can we rollerblade at your bachelorette party? Those roller skates are awesome.

    2. What do the in laws sell there?

    3. I need a necklace for your wedding. Just a thought I guess I have 5 more months for that, but I want your input on a color one day.

    4. Liz is coming to NC in June, we will go the crap store and buy you a wedding present.

  2. gen

    Oh my! i want all of it!!! and yes. i also love treasure hunting. second stores.. over here at Singapore, my fave is CAsh Converters 🙂 its where i got my guitar and typewriter and vases..and many other things! 🙂

  3. sarafonacier

    Ha I live right by this market. We always just drive through the parking lot and look in because we don’t like paying the $3 to get in… thanks for the more up close look!

  4. Patrice Curedale

    Thank you, Ann Marie. Topanga Vintage Market loves the Espinoza family, too! If it isn’t too much trouble, please make a correction that we are “always the 4th Sunday”, which is different than the last Sunday. We wouldn’t want people turning up to an empty parking lot after all those tantalizing pictures (for instance, June has 5 Sundays so TVM is the 23rd, not the 30th!). May I use some of your gorgeous pics on our website and link back to your blog, and on our Facebook and pinterest?
    Congratulations on your imminent betrothal.
    Thank you, again.
    Patrice & Lori,
    (all dates and info are on

  5. taylor

    ummmm this makes me happy!!!! this summer can we fit this in along with our coffee business/bloggin date!?


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