Over the years as I’ve gotten to know myself a little better, I’ve found many ways to stay get inspired and stay inspired. Recently, I’ve become obsessed with making mini “mood boards” on my iPhone. It’s very simple and it brings me an unparalleled level of joy (SO NERDY, I KNOW).

iPhone Mood Boards | Ann-Marie Loves Paper

Here’s how I do it: whenever I am looking for a certain type of inspiration (the image above was for wedding planning), I’ll browse Pinterest + Instagram for photos that are speaking to me and then take screenshots. Next, I will use a free photo collage app and play around with various arrangements of the screenshots until I am loving the “mood” I created. Finally, I save the collage as my wallpaper so every time I look at my phone, I get that wonderful burst of inspiration all over again! 

Mood boarding, ya’ll. #cantstop #wontstop

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