It’s really no secret by now that San Diego has a hold on me. It truly is my ultimate happy place and I can’t quite shake the feeling that it’s where I want to settle down. Eventually I’ll convince John that we need to move back down there, but until then, I’ll just keep visiting. A LOT.

Balboa Park, San Diego | Ann-Marie Morris

One of my favorite spots in San Diego is Balboa Park. I’m absolutely in love with this place. Not only is the location (perched above the bay + downtown) ideal, but the sheer size of it is incredible! It’s home to a wide variety of museums, restaurants, and even the world famous zoo (all of which I highly recommend).

Balboa Park, San Diego | Ann-Marie Morris


On Wednesday afternoon, I had time to kill between visiting Elise and trying to avoid rush hour traffic, so I spent a few hours wandering around the park and pausing to snap a photo every five feet. Even though I’ve been to Balboa Park countless times, I discover something new with each + every visit…the park is THAT big.

Balboa Park, San Diego | Ann-Marie Morris

Balboa Park, San Diego | Ann-Marie Morris

This trip, I finally found the walkway that crosses the insanely beautiful Cabrillo Bridge. It stands high above the 163 freeway and offers the most amazing bird’s eye views of the lush San Diego landscape (I may or may not have let out an embarrassingly audible gasp upon first glimpse).

Balboa Park, San Diego | Ann-Marie Morris

I don’t know if it was the thrill of a new discovery or the cozy marine layer creeping in from the bay or just the fact that I took the late afternoon to myself, but I felt so happy standing there in Balboa Park. San Diego, you are my fave.

P.S. If you’re wondering if I ever wear anything other than that black + white dress, the answer is a resounding…NO. (ha!)

6 Responses to “happy place no. 001 | balboa park”

  1. Donna

    Really enjoying your blog and my lifetime fashion tip to you is. If you love it, and your budget can stretch to it, always buy 2. You’ll always feel great in what you are wearing and it will last longer.

  2. antsloth

    Love your pics. I did a hiking/yoga class in Balboa Park once, I loved it. Who took that pic of you?

  3. Cara-Mia

    Balboa Park is my favorite place in San Diego. It is extra special to me since that’s where my husband proposed. He couldn’t have chosen a better location!


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