I’ve recently come to the rather startling realization that this wedding is going to happen in a few months, whether I like it or not (for the record, I love it). Needless to say, no matter how busy I am, I really need to get cracking on all of the DIY projects I have in mind. So! I’ve decided to tackle the smaller projects first, if for no other reason than the fact it makes me feel like I’m getting a lot done. Baby steps, ya’ll.

fringe flag diy | ann-marie loves paper

This past weekend I whipped out a bunch of fringe flags for all of our guests to wave around as John and I walk back down the aisle. It’s about as low-tech as crafts go, but will (hopefully) pack a big punch in photos! Here’s how I made them:

fringe flag diy | ann-marie loves paper


fringe flag diy | ann-marie loves paper

Decide how long you want your fringe flags to be and cut a sheet of tissue paper accordingly. I folded my sheet in thirds and kept it folded while I fringed the ends.

fringe flag diy | ann-marie loves paper

Fold each sheet of fringed tissue paper in half lengthwise a few times until it is in a tight bundle.

fringe flag diy | ann-marie loves paper

Roll the tip of the dowel in a large Glue Dot.

fringe flag diy | ann-marie loves paper

Wrap the base of the fringe tissue paper around the adhesive until is completely wound (I went with Glue Dots, but hot glue would work just as well.)

fringe flag diy | ann-marie loves paper

While holding the fringe tissue paper to the dowel, wrap a strip of washi tape around the base of the tissue paper until it is completely secure. If the fringe is too tight, tousle it with your fingers a bit to loosen it up. Finally, wave your fringe flag around like you just don’t care!

One wedding craft down, five hundred more to go!

To see this DIY in action, check out my Vine video here!

6 Responses to “fringe flag diy.”

  1. carrielsunday

    Don’t stress. I just was married in April, and even though it can seem overwhelming at times, you WILL get everything done. I had quite a few DIY projects for my wedding too, and being a sort-of-control-freak-perfectionist with them, I tackled them by myself one at a time. Don’t start a second until the first is done. It makes it less stressful than having 5 projects all open at the same time. Good luck, and I can’t wait to see!


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